It is a requirement that all Kenyan citizens residing in Morocco to register themselves with the Kenya Consulate in Morocco. This is a simple procedure that enables the Mission to provide essential services in an efficient manner, especially in emergency cases. Please download the appropriate forms, fill and send them to the address below.

Birth_Registration_Form and deaths of Kenyans, in the region of accreditation.

 Emergency Travel Document

One-way emergency travel document is issued at a cost of 500 MAD for repatriation to Kenya

Requirements include:

  • An interview at the Embassy, to be scheduled at the earliest, three days before the confirmed date of flight.
  • Processing fee of 500 MAD.
  • Two (2) passport size photos
  • Proof of Kenyan citizenship i.e. Kenyan Passport or National Identity Card.
  • Police Report if passport is lost
  • Confirmed flight booking/ticket